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UNICUP is one of the leading manufacturers of custom printed paper cups.

Every day since 2007 year we make every effort to ensure that the orders processed meet the requirements of our clients and everyone is 100% satisfied with the purchases made with us and the quality of service for the entire transaction.
However, if for some reason the implementation did not meet your expectations, please contact us by phone or e-mail in order to best resolve the situation.

Paper cups is an excellent advertising medium. By printing your logo or company graphics on cups you can help customers to easily memorise your brand image.

In producing of paper cups we make all effort to meet the expectations of our clients.

Our cups are high-quality products resistant to high temperatures. The risk of getting your hands burnt has been minimised through the use of innovative solutions.


Ladies and Gentlemen,
we would like to inform you that UNICUP is implementing a project entitled “Implementation
internationalization business model for Unicup” under the OPERATIONAL PROGRAM POLAND EASTERN 2014 – 2020, Sub-measure 1.2 “Internationalization of SMEs”

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